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Our Team

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Dana granofsky





Dana founded BGM Strategy Group to provide valuable strategic insight to a range of public and not-for-profit sectors and apply her strength in complex, multi-stakeholder engagement to address the challenges of her clients. An accomplished strategist and Harvard-trained mediator, Dana excels at unravelling complicated challenges and developing shared solutions with real buy-in.


Dana is adept in strategy formation across the public, private, and non-profit sectors, and is never more delighted than when called upon to work across multiple sectors. Unconventional and unflappable, Dana has developed a reputation for designing authentic conversations and processes that lead to real results. Under her leadership, BGM has become the go-to agency for the housing and not-for-profit sectors and has developed a reputation for delivering meaningful, actionable results and unparalleled client support.

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Alix Freiler





Alix brings experience in research and analysis, with a focus on the social determinants of health. A Ph.D. candidate in Social Policy, Alix is known for her ability to measure the effectiveness of intersectoral initiatives and specializes in design that improves health outcomes in vulnerable populations.


Calm, focused and thorough, Alix conducts efficient and enlightening research and assessment processes designed to uncover deep insights. Formerly a Research Manager at the MAP Centre of Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael’s Hospital and a board member of Social Planning Toronto, Alix is also a leader in facilitation and engagement and has led stakeholder engagement processes for a variety of clients in the non-profit and community health sectors.

Liz mcguire, PMP

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With her signature blend of tenacity, adaptability and heart, Liz stewards all the moving parts of a project. A certified Project Management Professional, she provides clients with transparent, effective, and collaborative processes to achieve their desired results. Liz draws on her experience in cross-sectoral research and self-described "mad curiosity" to help clients ensure work is always evidence-based, compelling, and supportive of their overarching goals.


Liz brings a decade of experience working in research and policy advisory roles at the Housing Services Corporation and the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association prior to joining BGM. Liz is also a proven leader in stakeholder relations and has designed and managed innovative consultation processes including multiple engagements in support of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

Kate Bradford

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Kate is the ultimate people person and an expert at facilitating productive, positive, and focused consultations that produce real insights. She has conducted impactful stakeholder processes with a range of public sector clients, including WoodGreen Community Services, Cota, TNG, and the United Way.


With an inclusive mindset and a keen eye for detail, Kate supports engagement processes that produce real buy-in and uncover clear insights. With experience as a communications and marketing professional, Kate is a strong communicator both in person and on the page. She has produced strategic plans and communications assets that motivate and engage their desired audiences and focuses on producing clear writing, compelling narratives, and highly refined content that unites the audience in a shared understanding and sense of purpose.

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