Our Work

Every project is our favourite. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of challenges we love, and the different ways we contribute to carry a project from design to execution. 

national housing collaborative

When an alliance of actors from across the housing continuum came together to influence the development of the National Housing Strategy, we designed and facilitated the process to help them collaborate and develop shared policy proposals that represented the whole housing system.

my home
my community

My Home My Community is a national, multi-year initiative creating new pathways to inclusive, affordable housing for adults with intellectual disabilities. We've worked to co-design the project from the ground up, providing hands-on support from project management to research to communications.  


The corporate leadership table is the launch pad for innovation led by the Bank of Montreal and United Way Greater Toronto to spur inclusive economic opportunity at the neighbourhood level. BGM was invited to design and facilitate the process for 20 CEOs from the GTA's leading corporations to define corporate Canada's role in inclusive local economic development. 

ontario for all

Non-partisan, issue-based civic engagement by non-profits and charities is an important way to bridge policymakers and the people who will feel the impact of their decisions. BGM provided coordination and communications and created the engagement tools for over 100 community organizations to join together in Ontario for All, and guided its evolution into an ongoing alliance. 


With Toronto's urgent need for more supportive housing, BGM was invited to design the process to help the supportive housing sector increase collaboration and strategic coordination, to find new solutions to increase supply.